Retro fixie custom project

Original gitane bike bought for € 100,-.

Start of disassembling the bike

More disassembling

Most parts where not necessary anymore.

Almost done disassemblingt

Remove the seat post

With old bikes, there is a pretty big chance that the seat post is stuck. Realy stuck!

Heating the post and cooling it down (over and over) can help it get unstuck.

Sanding the frame

For the paint to adheres well, it's important to sand it down thoroughly.

Basic primer and white coating

After giving it a primer, a basic white coating was applied.

After drying the lettering was added to the frame.

Retro green

The bike was sprayed old school green, for the perfect retro look.
After removing the sticker, the white paint comes through nicely.

Custom lettering

Assembling the bike

Adding leather handlebar tape extends the retro look.

Final touch

New clean chain and white accessories gives this bike a complete retro look